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Maryum N Maria | Festive | Lena

Maryum N Maria | Festive | Lena

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Embroidered Front Center Panel (Organza) 1Pc
Embroidered Back Center Panel (Organza) 1Pc
Embroidered Front Left+Right Panel-1 (Organza) 1Pc
Embroidered Front Left+Right Panel-2 (Organza) 1Pc
Embroidered Back Left+Right Panel-1 (Organza) 1Pc
Embroidered Back Left+Right Panel-2 (Organza) 1Pc
Embroidered Sleeves (Organza) 1Pc
Embroidered Sleeves Patti Patch (Organza) 1.30Yrds
Embroidered Panel Patti Patch (Organza) 1.30Yrds
Embroidered Front, Back Patti (Grip) 1.80Yrds
Embroidered Front, Back, Sleeves Patti (Grip) 3.10Yrds
Embroidered Front, Back Patti Patch (Grip) 1.80Yrds


Block Print Dupatta (Organza) 2.75Yrds

Jamawar 5Yrds

Cadmium Yellow/Orange Tiger/Scarlet/Pear Liqueur/Magenta Purple/Aventurine/Grayed Jade
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